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One –on- one training on your own schedule. You will get customized workout plan depending on your goals. . It does not matter whether you want to lose weight, tone your muscles or gain weight.
6 weeks plan includes:
Customized workout plan
Nutrition plan
Check in every two weeks

In home personal training

People, who workout with personal trainer achieve their goals 4 times faster. If your goal is to tone up muscles, gain muscle mass, lose weight, or just to keep your mind and body healthy, I am here to help you.
You want to get fit but have a busy schedule, are not willing to spend time driving to the gym, or don’t want to spend any money on gym/club memberships, my offer is just right for you!
I bring fitness to your own home:
customized workout plan
nutrition recommendations
all the equipment needed

All you need Is a will to work hard and have fun while doing it 

Diet plans

Even if you spend much time in the gym or workout hard, you don’t get any real results, if you don’t pay attention to what you are eating. As fitness professionals are saying, you create six-pack abs in your kitchen.I offer individual diet plans created on the basis of your habits, wishes and preferences.

Fitness for tennis players

Tennis includes a variety of performance aspects such as strength, power, speed, coordination, agility, flexibility and endurance.It doesn’t matter how well you can play tennis; you have to train each component to enjoy playing and avoid injuring.You will get your individual workout plan in spite of your age and initial conditions.I am here to help you improve your fitness level.